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Our 2014 Annual Fund is inspired by a quote from Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” With the support of the community at large, the Nature Center has brought significant change to Dunwoody Park with the addition of public restrooms, a screened-in porch, deck, outdoor classrooms, Native American teepee and renovated cabin space. These additions were completed to rave reviews and proudly serve as distinctive features in an ongoing restoration of the meadow gathering area. All of these enhancements are part of a larger strategic plan to position the Nature Center as Dunwoody’s “Central Park” and further allows the center to better serve as a meeting place for scouts, civic, student and volunteer organizations, as well as the more than 25,000 individuals who visit the park each year to reconnect with nature. Funds raised during this year’s campaign will be allocated towards continued improvements on both the grounds and the facilities of Dunwoody Park including sorely needed materials for a planned classroom expansion and additional investments in signage, displays, and other passive education media for park visitors. To learn more about the Dunwoody Nature Center’s Annual Fund campaign visit http://www.dunwoodynature.org/Annual-Fund

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Learn to Homebrew

Join Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis and renowned home brewer Rob Miller as they lead a two-part class in the art of making your own beer! Classes run on consecutive Thursday nights (January 22 and January 29) from 6:00 until 9:00 and will cover everything you ever wanted to know about beer and the home brewing process:



Class 1 (January 22) - We'll meet and learn about the different styles and processes of beer making in the best way possible - by tasting a sample of beers from a number of brewers in a variety of styles.

Class 2 (January 29) - In this class, we'll put what we've learned to the test as we go through all of the steps in the brewing and bottling process. Participants will leave the class with a selection of finished bottled beer to take home and enjoy.

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