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The Dunwoody Nature Center’s history started with Dunwoody Park as a part of America’s Bicentennial celebrations in 1975 when a group of citizens petitioned DeKalb County to purchase the acreage known as Dunwoody Park with a federal grant. We aim to inspire the love of nature and cultivate environmental understanding and stewardship through a variety of programs and activities that engage the public and provide our community with a sense of place within the natural world.

As a private, non-profit organization operating primarily out of a municipal park, the Nature Center enjoys a strong and supportive public/private partnership with the City of Dunwoody. In addition to running mission-based programs throughout the year, we are committed to enhancing and preserving Dunwoody Park for the enjoyment of the community.

We are a living lab that is constantly striving towards environmental sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility to all.


We are indebted to our original lead donors whose generosity opened doors for the Dunwoody Nature Center in so many ways by helping to support our mission, and by providing us with the inspiration to pursue our loftiest goals.

Pat Adams

Roy and Toine Ashley

Ken and Jean Brockschmidt

Bud and Donna Burt

David and Marilyn Dalrymple

Nancy Fox

Bill Grant Homes

Neal and Millan Funk

Duane and Drada Hoover

Richard and Pat Olney

Tom and Judy Flood

Arthur and Carolyn Jones

Richard Lawry

Tim and Rita Lynch

Fran and Mary Millar

Connie Morelle
Alan and Karen Mothner
Paul and Molly Smith
Bill and Judy Vogel
Jerry and April Weiner
Joy Vannerson
Frank and Eleanor Lehner
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