Most frequent questions and answers

Even as costs have risen, our basic membership program had not changed in many years. The two main reasons for changing the program are to raise more funds to support our mission-based programming and to create a program that offers more benefits to members.

Membership benefits are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase.

All previous membership discounts and benefits will apply until their original expiration. To qualify for any new benefit offered under the new program we ask that you renew your membership.

Membership benefits are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase.

Yes, very few people took advantage of the 2-year membership program.

Every membership level donation will qualify for a packet of native plant seeds, which, if planted, will help support our efforts to sustain pollinators. Donations at the Maple level and above will qualify for a cloth grocery bag with the nature center logo proudly displayed.

Gifts will be sent along with your gift acknowledgement letter.

Yes. We currently have 4 active hives and all the honey collected and bottled for appreciation gifts.

The dinner will be held in October each year. For planning purposes, all qualifying donations must be made by October 1. Any qualifying gifts in the 4th quarter of any given year will count toward the following year’s dinner.

Each Oak level membership will receive an invitation for two people to attend the dinner.

According to the IRS guidelines, the only gift that may impact the taxable value of your gift would be the Appreciation Dinner. Your acknowledgement thank you letter will reflect this. The estimated cost for the dinner will be $50 per person.

No. On the donation form, both in print and online, you can indicate that you do not wish to receive any tangible gift.

Seasonal events are regular programming that is open to the public like our concert series.

Yes, your membership qualifies you for the discounted event during the membership period. You must be
a member at the time your event is held.

Visit our Children’s Birthday Party page and follow the usual scheduling procedure for children’s birthday parties. Parties are scheduled on availability and first-come, first-served basis.

Yes, each membership allows for one discounted birthday party and one facility rental.

Just like in previous years, you would select the camp member rate while registering for each camp session.

You will receive the discount on all camp sessions throughout the year.

Early camp registration opens on, or the week of,
February 1 for members. General camp registration will begin on, or the week of, February 15. Many of
the camp sessions are usually sold out during the member-only period.

As a member of the Association of Nature Center Administrators, our members are eligible for free or discounted benefits at other ANCA affiliated nature centers throughout the country. Each nature center sets its own policies on how to apply the benefits but typically include: free or reduced admission fees, discounts at nature shops and discounts for programs.

All qualifying members will receive an email with a discount code to use when registering for the festival.

The qualifying discount for rentals is available Sunday-Friday. Call the office or email to schedule events. All rentals are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to calendar availability.

Yes, but because of the high demand on Saturdays, standard rates will apply.


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