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Third Grade

At the Dunwoody Nature Center, classes move through the meadow and trails of our park led by our highly trained staff of environmental educators for a hands-on learning experience that reinforces and brings to life the STEM concepts that they are taught in the classroom.

Our field trips are correlated to Georgia Standards of Excellence according to grade level and subject area using academically-based curriculum materials. We feature four distinct habitats — meadow, stream, wetlands, and forest — that are ideally suited to enhance the fundamentals of environmental science in a controlled setting. Many of our field trips are available for outreach at your school as well. To learn more, scroll down to see all of our field trips.

A $50 deposit is required at registration. One-hour programs are a minimum charge of $100 (covers up to 12 students) / $8.00 per student after the minimum; one-and-a-half hour programs are a minimum charge of $125 (covers up to 12 students) / $10.00 per student after the minimum.

To book your field trip, call the Program Office at 770-394-3322 or email us.

From Boulders to Clay

 (90 min)

Which came first, the boulder or the clay? Through STEM-based experiments and activities, your Junior Geologists can learn the basics of minerals, rocks, and soil types. Students will also examine the effects of erosion and weathering as they explore Dunwoody Park.

Meets GSE S3E1

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Plants of the Piedmont

 (90 min)

What plants are native to the Piedmont region of Georgia? What is an invasive species? How do people and pollution impact plants and the land? Students will use field guides, measuring implements, their senses, and other STEM-based tools to really get to know the plants and trees of their region.

Meets GSE S3L1

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Monarch Migration

 (90 min)

Every year 100 million monarch butterflies make an extraordinary journey, some of them traveling all the way from Canada to Mexico, where they will spend the winter. Students undergo metamorphosis, turning into butterflies as they migrate to their overwintering habitat in Mexico. They experience firsthand the challenges that Monarch butterflies face journeying south.

Meets GSE S3L1, S3L2

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Native American Life

 (90 min)

Students step back in time, becoming various Native American groups that lived in Georgia hundreds and thousands of years ago. They will learn several survival skills such as fire making, shelter building, hunting, and gathering.

Meets GSE SS3H1

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Pollution Solution

 (90 min)

Pollution affects the air we breathe, the water in our rivers, and the land all around us. Students will participate in hands-on activities and games learning about these pollutants and their effects on the environment. Most importantly the students will identify ways to reduce pollution and its harmful effects.

Meets GSE S3L2

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Homeschool: All of our field trip programs are adaptable for a homeschool curriculum.
Contact Program Director Holly Loscavio at 770-394-3322 or email us for more information.


Payment Information

A deposit of $50 is required to secure your field trip. The deposit will be applied to the balance due for the field trip. You may pay via credit card when completing the online registration or by phone. You may also mail a check for the deposit. If you need an invoice prior to paying the deposit, call the Nature Center and one will be provided to you. All deposits are non-refundable but may be applied to a future program if you cancel your visit. The balance will be due on the day of the program. For groups of 12 students or less, a minimum charge of $100 for the one-hour program and $125 for the hour-and-a-half program is required.

Need help in funding a field trip?

Thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners, a limited number of scholarships are available for Title 1-funded schools to attend field trips at the Nature Center. This funding provides a discount per student on all field trips. To initiate a Title 1 request, please contact Holly Loscavio, Program Director, or by calling the program office at (770) 394-3322.

How many students can we serve?

We can host up to 160 students per day. We recommend a maximum of 25 per class. If you have questions about your group, please call the Education Office.

When can we schedule a field trip?

Field Trips may be scheduled for Monday through Friday beginning from 9:00AM to 4:00PM from mid-August thru mid-May. Sorry, we cannot offer field trip programs during the summer months (June, July, mid-August ) due to our summer camp program.

What is the cost for adults? Parking?

All teachers and chaperones are FREE – as is parking.

Can I reschedule?

All schedule changes must be made at least 72 hours in advance.

Can we picnic & play in the park before or after the program?

Yes, you may extend your stay at the Nature Center for play/exploration or lunch at no additional cost. We only reserve one field trip per day so the park is yours to explore outside of your field trip time. We have an outside picnic area for your enjoyment, but have limited indoor space to accommodate lunch.

What should students wear?

Our programs are designed to be outdoor experiences. Please make sure that students are dressed appropriately for the day’s weather conditions.

Can the programs be customizable?

Yes, we can customize some programs. Please call the Program Office to discuss this at (770) 394-3322.

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