Ways to Give

The Nature Center is strengthened by your generosity and your gift makes a difference each and every day. There are numerous ways to support the Nature Center beyond your membership and your gift to our Annual Fund. Please contact our development office to arrange a gift-of-stock or a donation in honor of or in memory of an individual. Gifts by will, or Legacy Gifts, are another meaningful way to ensure the future of the Nature Center. Through various types of bequests to the Nature Center, you may secure a charitable estate-tax deduction for the value of the gift. Best of all, you will know that your generosity will support our mission for years to come.

Donations of $100 or more include membership. Any amounts over $50 may be tax deductible.


Selection_037 Donations $50+ may be tax deductible ($50 represents membership benefits received as part of donation).

 Any donations of $100 or more also include membership benefits.

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You may prefer to state in your will or trust a sum of money or a percentage of your estate that you wish to give to the Nature Center.

Whether your gift is great or small, through gift planning, your thoughtfulness, generosity, and commitment might take a form far more meaningful than you ever thought possible as together we build an exceptional Nature Center.


This year was one of introspection as we planned for the Nature Center’s future. We completed our Dunwoody Park Master Plan and adopted a Strategic Plan that will guide us through the year 2020.  We are driven by a vision to build an exceptional nature center. Our planned growth, of which you are so much a part, is guided  by the following core values which reflect the founding and spirit of the Nature Center:

Wonder: We believe in providing all visitors to the Nature Center the opportunity to discover and experience the complexity, diversity and wonder of nature.
Community: We strive to be the soul of our community and, through our activities, events, and personal connections, to provide a pathway for all to be at home in Dunwoody Park.
Reverence: We respect, honor and celebrate the natural world and model stewardship in all that we do.
Commitment: We are dedicated to the mission of the Dunwoody Nature Center; staff and volunteers bring unparalleled energy and professionalism to each task, and motivate others to do the same.

Please Support our Annual Fund Today

You can join the generous donors who support the Dunwoody Nature Center and help us inspire a love of nature that lasts a lifetime. 


Lead Donors
(Gifts at $1,000+)

Pat Adams
Toine Ashley
Beth Boatwright
Linda & Randy Brogdon
Jany & Loring Brown
Donna Burt
Vicki & Ron Canakaris
Kelly & Mitchell Davis
Su & Richard Ellis
Anne & Chip Hicks
Drada & Duane Hoover
Nancy & Mike Kabat
Kingery Family Foundation
Susie & Eddie Lanham
Catherine & Conrad Lautenbacher
Amy & Daniel McMorrow
Patricia & Denis McMorrow
Mary & Fran Millar
Connie Morelle
Kathryn & Steve Sabol
Maggie & Henry Staats
Stephanie & Dave Toolan
Vogel Family Foundation
Marilyn & Rick Woods

Annual Fund Donors

Julie & Jeff Ackemann
Sarah & Jeff Adams
Susan & Stephen Ambo
Tricia & Scott Baynton
Leslie & Ted Bauman
Anne Baynham
Linda & Tom Benes
Joan & Julian Black
Jennie & Michael Biggs
George & Barbara Binder
Amy & Chip Bowman
Kim & David Boyd
Kendra & Bob Boyer
Deb & Kevin Cameron
Marilyn & Mike Casey
Susie & Scott Chalden
Cindy Cheatham & Tom Pietkiewicz
Carey & Jeff Coghill
Sharon & Charlie Conway
Marilyn & David Dalrymple
Mary Pat & Mike Davis
John and Sally Dekutowski
Andrew & Lauren Kent Delany
Lara Dorfman
Marie & Dick Drake
Deanna Duram and Ed Howe
Families of Dunwoody Knoll
Kathy & Larry Feldman
Sheila & Patrick Foarde
Nancy & Richard Fonde
Nancy Fox
Alan and Margaret Friedman
Will Friedman
Donna & Tom Fullilove
Debbie & Glen Fuse
Danielle & Matt Garrett
Chris & Mark Gleason
Ann Grant
Jennifer & Mike Guynn
Kathy & Barry Hanna
Nanci Hayward
Robin Hein
Corey & Mike Hendrix
Kathleen & Robert Hopkins
Natalie Jones
Carla & Rimas Kapeskas
Kim & Steve Keever
Muriel & David Knope
Christine & Henry Leeds
Susan & Dan Lashinsky
Eleanor Lehner
Susan & Conrad Lautenbacher
Holly & Craig Loveland
Josephine & James Maloney
Louise & Bill McCahan
Jennifer & Mike McGannon
Karen & Alan Mothner
Caren & Jim Morrison
Saskia Muguercia & Family
Donna & Terry Nall
Janet & Simon Parfitt
Tracy Perkins & John Boudreau
Julie & Bob Pile
Joyce & Julio Prato
Sherrill & Jim Redovian
Maria Richmond
Tara & David Robertson
Barbara & Bill Robinson
Queenie & Danny Ross
Julie Saraydar
Susan Scott
Jackie Sherry
Tia & Melhem Solh
Denise & Steve Spiegel
Vicki & Bruce Strahan
Pam & Keith Tallmadge
Betsy Wallace & Chris Scislowicz
Elizabeth & David Wathen
Anne & Lou West
Rosemary & Don Weber
Megan & Malte Weiland
Sheila & Gary Willibey
Bev & Windy Wingate
Susan & Robert Wittenstein
Diana Wood
Dot & Ken Woodsides
Laura & Les Woodsides
Karla & Gregg Worley
Sally & Wade Wright
Terri & Ken Wright
Carol & Mike Yancey