Wine and Reading Playwright Series


Original Plays by Atlanta Writers:

Second Sundays at 2:00 PM





August 4th
Neeley Gossett
Frankenstein’s Funeral


August 11th
Lee Nowell

And Cauldron Bubble


September 15th
Margaret Baldwin

Sunday Morning 2 Men Cooking


October 13th
Danielle Deadwyler



The Dunwoody Nature Center is partnering with Found Stages to present a six-month “Wine & Reading Playwright Series” of new plays by nationally known playwrights who call Atlanta home.

This annual series will run at 2:00 PM on the Second Sunday of each month from May through October in our beautiful glass-enclosed North Woods Pavilion. Admission includes a meet-and-greet with the featured playwright at a reception with wine and refreshments before and after a reading of their play by Atlanta’s most talented professional actors.


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Up Next:
Frankenstein’s Funeral by Neeley Gossett
Sunday, August 4th at 2:00pm

Play Synopsis (Frankenstein’s Funeral):

At this special “Cocktails” and Reading Series event, audiences will enjoy complimentary appetizers and themed cocktails (Monster Mimosas and Bloody Mary Shelleys). A reception with the cast and creative team members will be held after the reading.


“Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a story that has remained a classic for 200 years,” comments Nichole Palmietto, Found Stages artistic director and Frankenstein’s Funeral director and concept creator. “Her story is just as important in 2019 as it was in 1818. We’re living in a time where it’s easier to paint those who disagree with us as monsters, rather than appreciating our shared humanity.”


The staged reading of Frankenstein’s Funeral is part of the “Cocktails” and Reading Series, an added “bonus” event in Found Stages’ six-part Wine and Reading Series, which runs May through October. All events are held inside the North Woods Pavilion at Dunwoody Nature Center.

August 11 And Cauldron Bubble

Synopsis: King James is in a quandary.  He sits on the throne of England, but he doesn’t technically have the right to rule.  Coupled with that is his constant feeling that witches are out to get him.  In order to keep the throne, he needs to invent a lie that justifies his right to rule.   King James commissions Shakespeare to write a propaganda play that will rewrite his own ancestry.  Meanwhile, witches abound in Scotland, England, Ireland, and the newly formed American colonies, and King James can’t kill them quickly enough to feel safe.  Based entirely on historical fact, this is the reason Shakespeare wrote Macbeth.


“When I started researching King James and Macbeth, I realized that our modern notions of King James and Macbeth are actually reversed.  We think King James was godly, and Macbeth was murderous.  But as it turns out, it’s the opposite.  King James is responsible for the witchcraft trials in England and Scotland and even in America. 

One of the characters in And Cauldron Bubble is Agnes Sampson, a person King James had killed for witchcraft.  I like the idea that Agnes is getting her chance in this play to come back and battle the king who had her killed.”

          Lee Nowell


About the Playwright

Lee Nowell’s plays have been workshopped, produced, and commissioned by Actor’s Express (Albatross, Paper House, Obsession), Theatre in the Square (Urban Fairytale), Metropolitan Theatre Alliance (Preacher from the Black Lagoon), Ex Somnium (How to Survive Being Human), Horizon Theatre (Blue Angels Weekend), Play West (The Commission, Blue Angels Weekend), Synchronicity Theatre (Beyond Reasonable Doubt: The Troy Davis Project), 7Stages (The Commission), and Georgia Public Broadcasting (Beyond Reasonable Doubt: The Troy Davis Project.How to Survive Being Human was published by Ex Somnium in 2014.

“It satisfies something in me as a playwright- that there was this great injustice done in real life, but I can go back and rewrite it so that the underdog gets her chance to win.

If I write a better ending for someone, maybe that will create even the slightest possibility that that person’s life will get better, because someone dreamed a way in which that could happen for them.  That’s my goal as a writer: to make things better.”

          Lee Nowell

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