Vision, Mission & Values


The Dunwoody Nature Center will build an exceptional nature center that promotes environmental literacy and serves as a nature based cultural enclave for community activity.


Dunwoody Nature Center inspires the love of nature and cultivates environmental understanding and stewardship by:

  • conserving and enhancing Dunwoody Park;
  • educating children, families and adults of all ages about the natural world and our place in it; and
  • motivating environmental awareness and responsible action.


The Dunwoody Nature Center will be guided by the following core values in achieving its mission and vision:

  • Wonder: We believe in providing all visitors to the Nature Center the opportunity to discover and experience the complexity, diversity and wonder of nature.
  • Community: We strive to be the soul of our community and, through our activities, events, and personal connections, to provide a pathway for all to be at home in Dunwoody Park.
  • Reverence: We respect, honor and celebrate the natural world and model stewardship in all that we do.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to the mission of the Dunwoody Nature Center; staff and volunteers bring unparalleled energy and professionalism to each task, and motivate others to do the same.

Environmental Improvement Philosophy

Our mission includes preserving and protecting Dunwoody Park for the enjoyment of our community. Our philosophy focuses on:

  • Removing invasive, nonnative plants and replacing them with native species
  • Avoiding mowing, trimming, brush removal and deadheading, to allow plants, shrubs, and trees to continue their life cycles
  • When trees fall, cutting only what is necessary to unblock the trail or rerouting the trail around fallen trees
  • Isolating garbage cans to picnic areas
  • Reminding dog owners to respect the leash and poop scoop law

Educational Philosophy

Every visitor to the park, participant in a class, and volunteer has the opportunity to see environmental education in action. We believe in:

  • Opening eyes and minds to the beauty of nature
  • Providing information about the plants and animals native to Dunwoody and the Piedmont
  • Exploring the relationships among all inhabitants of the area, and the impact human activities have on the environment
  • Training children to be “backyard naturalists”
  • Providing educational experiences that appeal to different learning styles

Serving Our Community

  • 30,000+ park visitors annually
  • 17,000+ served through camps, programs or education center visitation
  • K-6 students from throughout the state attend field study programs
  • Year-round schedule of nature classes for children, adult programs, special events, overnight camping programs, field trips for school and scout groups, and outreach programs to area schools