Preschool and Head Start

Discovering Nature
60 minutes

Students explore the trails of the Nature Center, examining how the plants, trees, creek, and even the animals change as the seasons change. Through counting and matching, the students focus on the differences between fall, winter, spring, and summer.

• Winter Wonderland • Spring Into Action• Fall into Nature

Butterfly Beginnings
60 minutes

Did you know that butterflies were caterpillars when they were babies? Learning the stages of butterfly metamorphosis is a perfect introduction to learning about life cycles for young students. Students will enjoy a discovery based nature hike as they visit our pollinator gardens, learn the parts of a butterfly and discover how butterflies survive and reproduce.

Reptile Ramblings
60 minutes

What makes turtles and snakes reptiles? How are they different from amphibians or mammals? Students will explore the park observing different reptile habitats and searching for signs of reptiles. Enjoy an encounter with either our resident turtle or corn snake, hear a story and play a game as you learn about the unique characteristics of reptiles.