Outreach: 3rd grade

Monarch Migration
One hour program

Every year 100 million monarch butterflies make an extraordinary journey, some of them traveling all the way from Canada to Mexico, where they will spend the winter. Students undergo metamorphosis in this experiential activity, turning into butterflies as they migrate to their overwintering habitat in Mexico and experiencing firsthand the challenges that monarch butterflies face journeying south.

Georgia Standards of Excellence S3L1, S3L2

Rocks and Minerals
One hour program

Through hands-on exploration, your Junior Geologists can learn the basics of minerals, rocks and soil types. Students will compare rocks and minerals and use the Mohs Hardness Scale to determine mineral hardness.

Georgia Standards of Excellence: S3E1

Outreach requests are taken by email (programs@dunwoodynature.org) or by calling our program office at 770-394-3322.