Nature Center Camps FAQ’s

Dunwoody Nature Center Summer Camp 2019 FAQ

This is my child’s first camp experience. What will they be doing during the day and what do they need to bring?
Our campers spend the camp day participating in specific camp themed nature activities both inside and outside. They’ll play games, make crafts, do experiments, hike on the trails and play on the playground. Campers will need to bring a snack, lunch and refillable water bottle every day. Please apply sunscreen and bug spray prior to drop off. Please include a note indicating if you want the teacher to reapply sunscreen and bug spray. Campers should dress for the weather wearing comfortable summertime clothes and close toed shoes. Each camp has one creek day, where there are several activities planned and campers are allowed to play and explore in the creek. For the creek themed camps there are two creek days. There will be an email sent home with specific instructions for what to bring for creek day.

Who are the camp teachers and what is the teacher to student ratio at your camps?
Our summer camp teachers are either trained naturalists or formal school teachers. All of our summer camp teachers are First Aid and CPR certified. Biographies for our summer camp teachers are on the summer camp website. We have one teacher to ten campers for our half day camps. We have one teacher to thirteen campers for our full day campers at the Dunwoody Nature Center. We have two teachers to sixteen campers out at Island Ford Park. All of our camps also have at least two Junior Counselors (teenage assistants) per class. Each camp class has a designated classroom space to leave bags and lunches.

I will have a different person picking up my camper each day. How do I let the camp staff know?
Please let the camp director know by email who will be picking up your child each day. We do ask for identification at pick up and if their name is not on our pick up list we will need to reach you before we release your child to them.

Can I get a refund for camp if I need to cancel?
We offer an 80% refund if you need to cancel your camp up to two weeks prior to your camp start date. We do not offer a refund if you cancel within two weeks of your camp start date. We require written cancellation notice in the form of an email or fax.

My child is on the autism spectrum, has ADHD or other behavioral challenges. Can he or she attend camp at the Dunwoody Nature Center or Island Ford Park?
Our behavioral guidelines can be found at this link Please read them over and decide if your child can adhere to the policy. We find that if your child is in a regular classroom at school without an aide, then they usually do great at our camps. Our teachers are wonderful, but most are not trained in special education. If your child requires a special education classroom or teacher, then camps at the Dunwoody Nature Center or Island Ford Park might not be a good fit.

I have a child in camp at Island Ford Park and at Dunwoody Nature Center. How do I manage the different drop off and pick up times?
If you have a child enrolled at both Island Ford Park and Dunwoody Nature Center you may drop off your child at Island Ford Park first and then drop off another child at Dunwoody Nature Center no earlier than 8:45 am at no additional charge. You may pick up your full day camp child at Dunwoody Nature Center no later than 4:00 pm and then pick up your Island Ford camper. If you do need to drop off your Dunwoody Nature Center camper earlier or pick up later than the designated times (8:45 am and 4:00 pm), you will need to pay our early and late care fees.