Island Ford Camp FAQ

Where is Island Ford Park?
Island Ford Park is 3.3 miles away from the Dunwoody Nature Center located at 1978 Island Ford Parkway in Sandy Springs. If you enter 8850 Roberts Drive Sandy Springs into your GPS, it will take you to the entrance of the park.

What is the time frame of camp at Island Ford Park? Is there early care and after care?
Camp at Island Ford is from 8:30-4:30. We do not offer early care or after care at Island Ford Park.

This is my child’s first time going to camp at Island Ford Park. What will they be doing during the day and what do they need to bring?
Drop off for camp is at the Visitor Center at the end of Island Ford Parkway. Please drive slowly in the park, the speed limit is enforced at 20 mph. On the first day, please walk your camper into the building. Your camp teachers will be there to check them in and make sure they have all their supplies for the day. Each camper will need to bring a lunch, refillable water bottle, snacks, a bathing suit, towel, and an additional pair of shoes that can get wet (water shoes, water sport sandals, etc). For pick up and for the other days of camp, you will be able to drive around the driveway to the front of the visitor center and drop your camper off. Your camp teachers will be there to check in and out the campers. Campers will spend the day hiking the trails of the park, doing outside activities in the field area, canoeing on the pond, water activities in the river and indoor activities in the lodge.

How are the camps at Island Ford Park different than the camps at the Dunwoody Nature Center?
The camps at Island Ford are designed for children ages 9-13 years old and offer a slightly more challenging curriculum than camps at the Dunwoody Nature Center. We find that the additional space and ability to explore the park are ideal for our older campers who may be looking for something different than their camp experience at the Dunwoody Nature Center. We host one camp class per week at the park with two teachers and between 13-16 campers. Water and water safety are a big part of this camp. Children will wear life jackets while doing water activities. See individual titles and descriptions for the differences in the classes.

I am concerned about water safety at Island Ford Park. My child is not a strong swimmer. Can my child attend camp at Island Ford?
Yes, we take all levels of swimmers at Island Ford. Whenever we are doing any water activities all campers and adults must wear a life vest. The park provides the vests. For safety purposes we do ask for the camper’s swim level. All of our teachers are First Aid, CPR and AED trained. The park rangers test the water and monitor water levels, and have the final say if we can do water activities on the river. If we cannot go on the river, we will have alternate activities in the park or in the building.

I have a child in camp at Island Ford Park and at Dunwoody Nature Center. How do I manage the different drop off and pick up times?
If you have a child enrolled at both Island Ford Park and Dunwoody Nature Center you may drop off your child at Island Ford Park first and then drop off another child at Dunwoody Nature Center no earlier than 8:45 am at no additional charge. You may pick up your full day camp child at Dunwoody Nature Center no later than 4:00 pm and then pick up your Island Ford camper. If you do need to drop off your Dunwoody Nature Center camper earlier or pick up later than the designated times (8:45 am and 4:00 pm), you will need to pay our early and late care fees.