Wildcat Creek

Wildcat Creek is literally the introduction point for thousands of children to the wonder of nature and an understanding of their small place in the larger world. Unfortunately, deteriorating bank conditions during major storm events over the years had caused extensive scouring and erosion along the creek banks. A grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in 2015 began the process of restoring the creek to its proper function and, along with nine community partners, the restoration is now complete. This grant completes the comprehensive renewal project also supported by the NFWF Five Star Grant in 2012 that included 21 community partners and resulted in a total of more than $60,000 invested to reinstate the meadow as Dunwoody’s central gathering place for communal learning and cultural activity. While that grant restored the riparian buffer leading to Wildcat Creek, this most recent grant completes the process by restoring the stream bank that contains the creek. The overall project design includes the creation of a bank full bench that serves as a flood plain terrace and amphitheater for the living classroom, allowing visitors a place to rest and learn while their families are experiencing Wildcat Creek. The final musical addition of a playable piece of public art from Play Me Again Pianos was installed at the site and completes the project.

You may want to picnic along the banks of the creek or put on your water shoes and explore the aquatic life of salamanders, crayfish and other native species. Wildcat Creek is truly the heart of the Nature Center. The Nature Center is often referred to as the crown jewel of Dunwoody parks, and Wildcat Creek serves as the shining gem of this crown.