Eagle Scout Projects

We welcome and encourage Eagle Scout projects at the Dunwoody Nature Center.  To make the process consistent for all, please adhere to these policies when seeking approval and engagement for a project.

  • Scout or his/her family must be a member of the Dunwoody Nature Center in order to be approved for the project. If not already a member, click here.
  • Scouts are welcome to present their own ideas for a project or inquire if the staff has any potential projects that can be adopted if they don’t have an idea of their own.
  • Scout will contact the Executive Director to present his/her project idea for acceptance, feasibility and feedback. The Nature Center expects all projects to  improve the grounds or programs at the Center to further our mission of inspiring a love of nature and cultivating greater environmental understanding and stewardship.
  • Scout will present a draft proposal to the Executive Director for approval, before taking it through the Scout approval process. This can be a rough e-mail description of the work scope and proposed timeline. Please note, the more thorough and professional the proposal, the better chance of acceptance.
  • The Executive Director must approve all project plans and subsequent changes to the plan during the project—including all materials to be used during the project.
  • Once projects are approved by the Executive Director, the Scout will commit to a start and end date for the project. If these dates are not honored, the project will be available for another scout to pursue.
  • Scout will coordinate all appointments and work days with the Executive Director to make sure there are no conflicts with other activities happening at the center.
  • Scout will provide “before & after” photos to the Nature Center.
  • The scout is responsible for obtaining all materials for the project. Unless specifically stated in writing by the Executive Director, the Nature Center will not contribute financially to any Eagle Scout project effort.
  • Nature center staff must review any educational materials to be permanently installed, before the scout produces the materials.
  • Scouts are welcome to schedule their Eagle Court of Honor at the Center if they completed a project at the Center (based on availability).