Welcome to the Butterfly Experience Activities Page!

Below you will find a variety of fun DIY activities to do right here at the Dunwoody Nature Center.

Thank you for visiting the butterflies. Enjoy the rest of your visit!

Activities To Do:

Scavenger hunt

Younger version for kids. Most likely can be done in just one area of the park

Older version for kids. This scavenger hunt will take you all over the park

I want a Butterfly Garden too!

Learn from videos and articles how to have your own butterfly garden. Be sure to pick up FREE SEEDS at the garden. 

Hidden butterflies

Along the Eagle trail (the path from the pavilion leading to the upper meadow) there are hidden butterflies (rocks painted white with butterflies on them). See how many you can find.

Other pollinators are important

Up at beehive, look for our informational poster about bees. 

Listen to a honey bee story

Nature butterflies

Try to make your own butterfly out of leaves, sticks, and other materials you find in nature.

Butterfly photo-op

Take a photo with our backdrop at the lower parking lot.

Butterfly trivia

Along the trail up to the pavilion from the parking lot, there are butterfly trivia signs you can test your knowledge on.

Sweetgum Ball Challenge

At the lower meadow, see how many sweetgum balls you can find and throw in the cornhole.

Backyard Bingo

See who can get bingo first by finding the items listed in each box on page 4.