60 minute programs

Bugs – Bugs help us in lots of cool ways! Come learn about all kinds of crawly creatures, particularly the ones that are necessary to our ecosystem. While you’re here meet with a bug specialist, explore bug homes and make your own bug habitat, take a bug hike, make a buggy craft, and more!

Hiker – Get ready for adventure! Learn what it takes to hike in the woods – how to read trail signs, what gear you need to wear and bring with you, and prepare a trail snack to eat. Then explore the trails at Dunwoody Nature Center as you go on a “scavenger hunt” hike! Along the way, learn how to Leave No Trace of your visit!

Letterboxer – Come join in a fun game of hide and seek using clues and directions to hidden boxes! While you’re here, girls will learn about letterboxing by making their own stamps and stamp books. Then as a team, they’ll use their deciphering skills to discover hidden boxes throughout Dunwoody Nature Center’s grounds and collect stamp images to record their findings!

Senses – Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell! Explore your five senses and use them to learn about the world around you! We’ll walk through the woods, listen for animals, feel nature’s different textures, and more. Come put your senses to the test on this Brownie adventure!

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