An Eye for Nature

We’re excited to partner with Atlanta Celebrates Photography and Dunwoody Arts and Culture Month for our 2018 celebration of public art. Please stop by our North Woods Pavilion to view our exhibit featuring the photographers below.

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Birds in the Park with Rudraksha Chodankar

Rudraksha is a hobbyist wildlife photographer from Pune, India, with a keen eye for birds. He loves to go out on bird photography excursions, wildlife safaris and nature trails as well as travelling to various places around the world. He also blogs regularly about his experiences in wildlife and travelling on his website – Professionally, he works with Accenture as an Information Security Consultant.

Rudraksha had a short stint of 6 months in the US recently and discovered Dunwoody Nature Center  just a couple of miles away. The Nature Center became his go to place for backyard bird photography at least once a week, where he managed to sight over 30 species of birds in 6 months. Apart from Dunwoody Nature Center, he also spent a good amount of time at Murphey Candler Park and Clyde Shephard Nature Preserve in Atlanta.

Do check out more of his work at and on Instagram – @rudy_whistlingtrails.

Landscapes by David Rowan

David Rowan is an avid amateur photographer whose pursuit of the craft extends back over 40 years to a middle school camera club in Nevada: “They used my first pictures as examples of what not to do!  Photography is a journey not a destination!”  David has used digital as well as medium and large format film techniques to capture the unique beauty of the Dunwoody Nature Center spanning five years of a personal photo project. “The DNC is an urban gem with huge diversity in light and landscape for a photographer to explore.”