Milkweed in the Classroom

One of the components of our Milkweed Project is educational outreach. The staff of the Nature Center collaborates with local elementary schools to educate them about the declining monarch butterfly population and the importance of the native milkweed plant. The Milkweed in the Classroom program includes outreach lessons, an opportunity to grow milkweed plants from seeds, and installing a monarch and milkweed specific pollinator garden at the school. If your school is interested in the Milkweed in the Classroom program, please call the program office at 770-394-3322 or email Holly Loveland at holly@dunwoodynature.org.

We offer the following outreach lessons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students. We can adapt these lessons to other grades as well.

1st Grade – Milkweed to Monarchs


Do you know what Milkweed plants need to survive?  Students will discover through a   game what Milkweed plants and other pollinator plants need to survive. The Milkweed plant is a very important plant for the Monarch butterfly. Through an interactive game, students will understand the needs of both the milkweed plant and the monarch butterfly.

Georgia Standards of Excellence S1L1

2nd Grade – Metamorphosis Magic


Did you know that butterflies and frogs start their life out as eggs? Learning the stages of butterfly and frog metamorphosis is a perfect introduction to learning about life cycles students. Students will enjoy a discovery based nature hike as they visit a pollinator garden and a tadpole pond. Most importantly the students will learn how these little creatures survive in Georgia.

Georgia Standards of Excellence S2L1

3rd Grade – Monarch Migration


Every year 100 million monarch butterflies make an extraordinary journey, some of them traveling all the way from Canada to Mexico, where they will spend the winter.  Students undergo metamorphosis, turning into butterflies as they migrate to their overwintering habitat in Mexico. They experience firsthand the challenges that Monarch butterflies face journeying south.

Georgia Standards of Excellence S3L1, S3L2