4th and 5th grade

4th grade

Food Webs and Chains
90 minutes

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, right? The same is true of nature’s fragile food webs and food chains. Discover the producers, consumers, and decomposers in the four habitats of Dunwoody Park: meadow, forest, wetlands, and stream. Students will engage in STEM-based activities to learn how changes in the environment can affect an ecosystem.

Meets GSE S4L1

4th grade

Water, Water Everywhere
90 minutes

Students turn into water drops and simulate the movement of water within the water cycle. Some will get stuck in the clouds, while other will float all the way to the ocean! Students will utilize tools such as a parachute to create energy and to see how water molecules change from solid to liquid to gas in this STEM-based activity.

Meets GSE S4E3

5th grade

Waterway Survey
90 minutes

Bring your students to explore Wildcat Creek and learn firsthand how constructive and destructive processes affect Georgia’s waterways. During a hike upstream, students will find evidence of weathering, erosion, and the impact of organisms. Meets GSE S5E1

5th Grade

Sorting it Out

90 minutes

Plants, trees and animals are all classified in a unique way. Students will learn about this classification system and work together to sort out animal skulls, skins and scat. Then they’ll match the biofacts to common Georgia reptiles, birds and mammals. We’ll also take a hike around our 22 acres to look at different trees and practice classification.

Meets GSE S5L1, S5L2