Scales and Slime

If it scampers, croaks, or slithers, it will be fair game this week as your camper is immersed in all things reptile and amphibian. Through nature exploration, games, and crafts, campers will leave no stone unturned learning about our cold-blooded friends. The river, creek and wetlands are the perfect place to begin to understand what makes reptiles and amphibians so interesting. Sshhh… if we’re quiet, we’ll probably see some of our cold blooded friends as they bask in the sun, search for food, or swim in the Chattahoochee River.

Please note: This camp is full, but there are still spots on the waitlist. If you register for the camp and are placed on the waitlist, your credit card will not be charged until our staff has confirmed that you are interested in attending this camp.

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